Naturopathic Medicine

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

First, do no harm

To restore health through nutrition and healthy living, using the healing power of nature!

To educate and empower our clients

To work with the whole person

To determine the ‘true’ cause of symptoms

For many people, this will be the first time you have ever heard the term. It is a form of medicine that has been around for hundreds of years, but much of its essence has been lost especially in the last 60 – 70 years when pharmaceuticals have become the primary mode of medicine, giving the quick fix approach and having an expected outcome. However, chronic disease is skyrocketing even with all the advances we have made in medicine today.

Naturopathic medicine is a type of medicine that gives you your power back and encourages you to be the one who is in control of your health outcomes. I believe that you do not have to develop chronic disease just because you age or your parents had it. While yes, everyone is different with different outcomes, we have much more control over our health than we have been led to believe. If you continue with the same lifestyle habits as your parents (usually), you are more likely to develop their particular health concerns.  However, when you begin to make lifestyle changes that best support your physiology and biology, you give yourself the best possible chance to avoid undesirable health outcomes in the future and put yourself in the driver seat of your health instead of in the passenger seat.

Our work is best suited for prevention and restoring health in chronic ailments. It is also best utilized if a combination of medical approaches are applied, such as  Naturopathic medicine, Allopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, Chiropractic medicine, etc.. I believe that no one type of medicine is superior to the other, they all have different functions and skills and the best medicine is a combination of these approaches determined by each individual’s persons needs being matched to the skill sets of each of the above medical approaches.

Much of my work focuses on changing what people eat and improving the digestive function to have optimal nutrient absorption, correcting physiologic imbalances through supplementation and working on lifestyle habits, mostly reducing stress on the body and mind.  Considering all aspects of health is vital to achieving your health and wellness goals.  This means we not only need to look at the physical aspect of our being but the mental and spiritual as well.

It is important to realize you are the ONLY person responsible for your health, neither your doctor nor I can bring you health. We can only guide you in what we believe to be the right direction for restoring health.  I have tremendous respect and gratitude for my clients who have realized this one simple fact and have taken it upon themselves to make some hard changes in their lives and realized through applying these changes that health is our natural state of being, not disease!