Restrictions and FAQs

In the State of New York, we are NOT recognized as medical doctors and therefore can NOT replace medical care, offer a diagnosis, perform physical exams, order laboratory tests or tell you to stop taking a medication.

 Dr. Jennifer is a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and currently holds her license in the State of Arizona.  This means that in states that recognize her license, she can be a primary care doctor with the ability to order and interpret labs, diagnose disease, perform minor surgery and prescribe medications according to individual state law.   Not all states recognize the Naturopathic Medical License and NY currently does NOT recognize this medical license. This means she is not considered a Medical Doctor in NY state.  Jennifer cannot diagnose a disease or be a replacement for medical care.  In NY, she can provide consultation on proper supplement and herbal recommendations that will not interact with current medications and provide recommendations for a healthy diet and lifestyle changes to support optimal health and reduce the risk for chronic disease. She can recommend labs to discuss with your MD to help further support and understand your health concerns. She will help you advocate for your health.

Why do I hold a Naturopathic medical license in Arizona?

In the United States, regulation of health professionals is left to the states, thus causing a wide range in the scoop of practice for any health professional, depending on the state that they live in.  When naturopaths live and work in an unlicensed state, we are asked to maintain a medical license to keep the integrity of the profession together, until which time, unlicensed states offer licensure.  Currently, we are actively pursuing licensure across the nation, and the two most recent States to license Naturopaths are North Dakota and Colorado. If you would like to get more information on the National licensure effort, visit our national website at www.naturopathic.org.

Where is New York with Licensure

Currently, we are actively pursuing licensure in NY state and have been for 15 years.  This is an ongoing effort and if you are interested in learning more about New York’s efforts and progress visit http://www.NYANP.org

How can we best work together being in an unlicensed state?

You must discuss with your medical doctor your choice for your health care.  It is far more effective and beneficial for everyone when a medical doctor is supportive of your choice of adding Naturopathic Medicine into your health care. 

What if your MD is not supportive?

Often this is due to lack of education and understanding about who we are.  I suggest to my clients to share with their doctor my education and that I want to work with them and not against them.  Many time there are many false beliefs about what we do and who we are, I find this to be the most helpful approach.  If your doctor is still unsupportive, sometimes it works better for someone to find a doctor who is more supportive to this type of care.

Do I accept insurance?

No, until New York offers licensure we cannot lobby insurance companies to cover us.  However, once a state becomes licensed often insurance will become available to the public in a limited fashion.   However,  it is suggested you check with your company about whether we are covered under Flex spending and/or HSA accounts.