Initial Consultation –  $185.00

  • 1.5-hour visit
  • This is for clients that have basic concerns, such as thyroid, GI concerns, allergies, hormones etc. which are the majority of new clients
  • recommendations are given at this visit
  • phone or video appointments are split into two appointments; recommendations are given before the second appointment.

Follow up visit  – $75.00

  • 30-minute visits
  • this is where we will individualize and focus recommendations as health concerns begin to improve.

Extended Follow up Visits –  $115.00

  • 60-minute visits
  • this is for clients who have extra questions and concerns that will take more time to address, usually, a client will need 1 or 2 longer visits as they make lifestyle and food changes, which require more time to help educate about how to do these changes.

Complex chronic cases –  $240.00

  • 1.5-hour visit and 1 hour of research time.
  • This is for clients that have complex cases and require more time to work up. This will be determined before we set up the visit. (usually, people who have multiple diagnoses and on multiple medications)
  • often recommendations will be given at next follow up visit

All Clients who have not seen in over a year by Dr. Jennifer will be required to schedule an initial consult.

Appointments are currently available by in-office, phone or skype.  In-office appointments are in Manlius, NY.

In between visit – $35.00

Any phone call or emails that require more than 10 minutes and is not directly related to the last visit, will be charged. Any questions that can wait till the next visit, please refrain from calling.

You will not be charged if I ask you to call or email or if it a question directly related to the last office visit recommendations.

Payment Types that are accepted

Visa, MasterCard, Check and Cash at time services are rendered